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Tips on What To Do When You Crack Your iPhone Screen

Accidents like falling may cause your phone screen falls into pieces, so you have to make sure it is repaired so that you continue using it. For your iPhone to function as before you have to take it for repair and you have so many options on how you go about so that you can fix your phone. To help you make the right option on how to repair your iPhone screen read the following article, and you will know some of the things you should put into consideration as soon as the screen has broken. Below are some of the tips on what to do when you crack your iPhone screen.

When you break your phone screen, make sure you stay safe by ensuring the glass particles do not get into your skin. Check if the phone screen is still operational after the accident to make sure you do not injure yourself with glass particles if they are shuttered, and if luckily a small crack is the result of the fall you can still use your phone.

If your phone got minor damages you can talk your way to getting a new screen from the Apple stores, so take it, and you may be lucky to get a replacement screen.

If your iPhone screen shuttered completely and you are not lucky with the apple store you should think of other repair options that you have.

If you have the AppleCare+ you may be lucky with the repairs at a low cost compared sending it to apple but this option is slow, and it may take weeks to get the phone back.

Think of hiring the come-to-you repairs, and they will bring the services to your home which makes this option faster and more convenient.

You can also take your iPhone for repair to the local Apple repair shop such as Techville, but it will require you to check a few things like reviews before you choose the shop to take your phone.

For those who do not have repair shops around, mail-in-repair is another choice for you, but you should know it will take time before you get your phone back.

If you are a tech-savvy you can decide to fix the phone yourself, but you have to make sure you get an actual repair kit and be careful not to damage the phone even more.

There is also the option of not fixing the phone screen at all, but it also comes with disadvantages since you cannot use it or even resell.